Pokemon Best Wishes!

The narrator starts explaining about the Pokémon forest. Pikachu and his friends looks at the sky. Suddenly, the moon begins to glow, and Meloetta appears. Meloetta lands on the ground, and plants the Melody Tree. Then, it sings the Relic Song which makes the tree grow and sprout Melody Berries. Meowth become excited and starts scratching Crustle, which makes it use Sandstorm. The Sandstorm breaks the tree, and the Melody Berries blast off. Meloetta manages to catch one of the berries as the other four scatter.Pikachu & friends start searching for the Melody Berrys while Meowth search for Melody Berrys , trying to impress Meloetta.Pikachu & friends manage to gather all Melody Berrys & give them to Meloetta as Meloetta becomes happy & sings in the end..

Pokémon Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade [Reshiram684 ].mkv

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